Portable Dual Battery Packs from Microsoft

Cellularize Portable Cell Phone Charger provide an ideal solution. Designed to hook up to a variety of devices, the packs come fully equipped with 5200mAh, 9000mAh, or 12000mAh batteries, depending on your specific USB C extension model with prices ranging between $35 and $49.

According to Microsoft, the packs are designed to hold charges for extended periods of time when not in use. After three months of storage time, the packs are designed to go down only a mere 80 percent, and the Cellularize Portable Charger charger also include LED light indicators for added convenience.

When charging both the dual and a mobile device, all you need to do is hook up the included “daisy chain” that allows you to juice up your Nintendo Switch and a smartphone, tablet or other multimedia device at the same time as long as your using a Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch that can found for purchase on Amazon.com. All you need is this screen protector to keep your Switch safe.